Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

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Product Details
Product Details

Magnetic Micro USB Fast Charging Cable

While being in the confusing situation of whether to buy the fast charging magnetic USB C cable or not, here are a few information which will surely help you to sort out the confusion. The charging of mobile with magnetic c type cable exerts less strain to the charging port in comparison with the regular charger.

The magnetic micro USB fast charging cable uses magnetic fields for charging. As you always want to protect your smartphone and avoid the use of any gadget which can harm your device.

But using a magnetic charger assures you additional safety as charging is a matter. Magnetic micro USB fast charging cable and Gravity phone holder both are used for your car while you are driving.


Through the use of magnetic charge, it protects your device by diminishing the problems that occurred in charging.

Even dust has been an issue that causes a lot of damage to the phone’s battery port, so to solve these problems, there has been a product that protects your device port while not in use. 

Instead of buying any other charger, Buy Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro, which offers the dust blocking feature through its connecting tips.

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Product Description

1. 3 in 1 Magnetic USB C cable

A single magnetic charger cable can be compatible with three magnet adapters for Android Micro USB, Android Type C, and I- products.

2. Premium Nylon Braided

The micro-magnetic USB fast charging cable is made of premium quality braided, making them sturdier and durable than standard cables. It is also flexible with tangible free, providing a long-term use facility.

3. Data Transfer and charging features

It provides a safe current for charging. The power charging of 2 in 1 can easily plug for charging without removing its cause.

4. Magnetic Cable

It is easy to disconnect and connect, reducing the abrasion. It also solves the dust while charging the port which accumulates for a long time to prolong your cellphones’ life.

Features of Fast Charging Magnetic USB C Type Cable

1. LED Indicator

It has an integrated blue LED indicator that lights up when the cable is in use.

2. Magnetic Design

The charger provides a magnetic cable, which is the best way to charge your phone.

3. Ultra-Durable

It has metallic port features and braided nylon thread, making the product more durable.

4. Dust cap

It provides the magnetic connector, which acts as a dust plug. It reduces USB port damage by preventing frequent pulls and connections.

5. Easy to charge

The plug gets separated from its cable. It can remain on the phone. In a second, it is connected for charging.

These things in a fast-charging magnetic USB C type cable make it safe, which provides no threat to your device. Its fast charging capacity saves a large amount of time.

The charger provides the most robust cables, which makes it more useful for long term use. It assures a good design with useful features. It is easy to use. The charger provides a useful quality feature in comparison to other C types of charger.

So, without confusion Buy Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro as it provides the best feature.


This cable is only for charging, not for data transmission


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